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Success Story - OnSwitch

Success Story - OnSwitch

Published on : 16/06/2017 16 June Jun 06 2017

Hello Xander! First of all, can you tell me more about your job, what is OnSwitch doing?

OnSwitch is a Toronto based Managed Service Provider whose goal is to become the IT department for small businesses. We offer our customers typical MSP services, such as 24/7 helpdesk, hosting, 24/7 monitoring and so on. Sometimes we also have a budget to work with and we even sit at some customers’ annual meeting to know the direction of the company on IT matters. And that’s the kind of relationship we want. We want to act like we are part of their team, we don’t want to be the outsourced guy no one wants to talk to or call. We want our customers to trust us and when they have a problem they call us and they know we are going to find the right solution.

How did you know about RG System?

Well it’s actually a funny story! Alex (RG area sales manager for Canada) reached out on LinkedIn and offer to demo the solution. I accepted, but I actually thought he was part of another company so when he started the demo, I was expecting a completely different product! Anyway, I decided to go through the demo and I thought that the solution was pretty interesting. At the end, when we talked about MAC agents, Alex told me “OK I’m going to be upfront with you, our MAC agents aren’t very good right now” (which is going to be better very soon, stay tuned!) and that alone let me know that I was talking to a person that was being honest. And the big thing for us with RG is honesty. You guys are really upfront about what works and what doesn’t, what you’re developing, what your timelines are.”

Did you use other monitoring solution before?

We used lots of different toolsets in production before selecting RG. In the past we would switch between RMM solutions when a vendor was making us promises about some killer features that we were missing. At the end of the day, those features never materialized, and there are some key features that just don’t work properly with other vendors.

Why did you choose to switch to RG System solutions?

Number 1 reason is that you guys are really honest about what works and what doesn’t, there are no surprises.
Number 2 is that you are willing to alter your product to help us if we can present a valid business case, and all of the things that we brought up have all been dealt with very fast. You guys are really willing to work with us to improve things and that’s a wonderful approach.
When we started really diving into RG and when we got a cost comparison, we realized RG saved us about 30% which is massive.
Your support team is such a breath of fresh air, it’s been such a nice experience to work with those guys! When we open a ticket, my expectation is that the answer is going to be no it’s not possible, and every time you guys come back with a “Yeah sure, we’ll do it!”, and you actually do it! Those guys are just fantastic.
The monitoring is just outstanding! Right out of the box, you guys are monitoring pretty much everything you want to monitor. And if I want to monitor other things, it’s just clicking one or two buttons, I don’t have to write a script, it’s really easy to understand and learn. I don’t have to tweak every agent I put in there, it’s very easy to change the settings for a whole group of agents. It’s nice that it’s just a simple hierarchical structure.
And setting up our policies, setting up what needs to be monitored, what the reporting policies looks like, setting up the scripts that run up automatically took practically no time at all because you guys have already done it.

Is there a specific feature you really appreciate?

The way you guys monitor network devices is absolutely brilliant! You allow me to set up 5 or 10 workstations as a monitoring pool and they all work in concert to monitor, so if half of them are offline, the monitoring still happen! It just makes so much sense! Having that agent pool ability is just really fantastic, it allows us to monitor all the time and have the assurance that we are actually monitoring.
I’ll just end up by saying that I never received this level of service from any other vendor, I mean not only RMM vendors, but any of them. You guys are really interested in our business and I know that from your perspective, if we grow, you grow. You always provide us with great advice, there is such a synergy between us and more than a simple vendor, RG has definitely become a true partner.
Thanks to Xander ROBAR, OnSwitch’s President for this interview.
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  • Success Story - OnSwitch
    Published on : 16/06/2017 16 June Jun 06 2017
    Success Stories
    Success Story - OnSwitch
    Hello Xander! First of all, can you tell me more about your job, what is OnSw...
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