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RG Dev' September 2017

RG Dev' September 2017

Published on : 20/09/2017 20 September Sep 09 2017

Your monthly recap of the features developed by the RG Team!

News from September!

Wait, what? Summer is already over? To help you cope with that terrible news, let's take a look at the features developed over summer that will make you want to enjoy the current back to work period!

1 - RG Supervision | Keep your apps up-to-date with the App Manager!

You are already familiar with the Patch Manager feature that enables you to massively deploy Microsoft Windows updates on your whole IT infrastructure. You've been asking for more apps we could deploy and keep up-to-date, and that's exactly what we are offering to do with the App Manager!

The App Manager enables you to download some software deployment packages - for now we offer Notepad++, 7-Zip, Flash ActiveX, Flash NPAPI, Google Chrome, JAVA 7 and JAVA 8 - so that you can update in one click the monitored workstations. And you can also decide to keep those apps up-to-date; therefore you are sure all of your machines always benefit from the latest software version!

You can also export the current status of the deployed packages to help you monitor easily the deployments.

More apps coming soon :)

Learn more about RG Supervision.

2 - RG Backup | Data Domain Support

When you are defining a backup policy on an agent, you can now attach a Data Domain on RG Backup's physical environment so that you can increase the storage capacity of this backup environment.

Learn more about RG Backup.

3 - RG Backup | New alert on backup jobs

From now on you can activate a new type of alert on your RG Backup jobs: Backup Oversized. This alert lets you know if your backup job exceeds the specific threshold you set in terms of GB for instance, so that you can make sure to limit your machines backup sizes.

This new alert improves the list of the events "Tickets" that trigger corrective actions in the Automation feature.

Learn more about RG Backup.

4 - RG Supervision | New trigger for the Automation feature

RG's ReactEngine is already evolving to offer you the possibility to trigger an automatic curative action if specific Windows events are detected real time.

Learn more about RG Supervision.

5 - RG Supervision | New management options for resellers

Resellers can manage their customers' RG Backup and RG Security policies from their own Dashboard. They don't have to ask RG admins to do this anymore; gain of time and easier management, that's what we are offering our users!

Learn more about RG Supervision.  

6 - RG Backup | Restore status

When performing a restore action, a progress bar visible on your Dashboard informs you of the ongoing restore status. You can also send an email to chosen recipients once the restore process is over. Therefore, you communicate more efficiently with your customers!

Learn more about RG Backup.

7 - RG Backup | Physical environment management for resellers

Resellers can now declare new backup environments on their account so that their customers can directly attach their agents to that specific environment. Therefore, end users can backup their data directly into their reseller environment, and not RG's.

Learn more about RG Backup.

8 - RG Backup | Files exclusion for Bare Metal Recovery

When restoring files through the BMR process, users can exclude files and folders to manage their storage more precisely.

Learn more about RG Backup.

9 - RG Supervision | Invite email language

When you invite a new user on your account, you can now select the appropriate language of the email sent!

Learn more about RG Backup.

10 - Bugs & Fixes

In agility, the resolution of bugs is a PRIORITY! So we decided to devote a special section to their resolution, because unfortunately there is no software without bugs, and that solving them is part of the quality process of your Dashboard :)
  • you can deactivate a Custom Script;
  • you can force LogMeIn uninstall;
  • the public IP is now displayed in the pedigree export;
  • if you chose to enable the 2 factors authentication when logging in to your Dashboard, the "Trust this computer" tick box is now working as expected.

Check out the full version of this RG Dev' issue!


  • RG Dev' September 2017
    Published on : 20/09/2017 20 September Sep 09 2017
    RG Dev'
    RG Dev' September 2017
    Your monthly recap of the features developed by the RG Team!   News from Se...
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