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[TIPS & TRICKS] New Dashboard Interface: say hello to the V3!

[TIPS & TRICKS] New Dashboard Interface: say hello to the V3!

Auteur : Arnaud LOPEZ
Published on : 27/02/2019 27 February Feb 02 2019

The quality of a software depends in the first place on all the features it has to offer. But let's face it. Not matter how great the feature you developed is, if the user interface is not user friendly, no one will use the top feature you put so much energy in developping.

At RG System, we have always cared about developing easy-to-use and user-friendly solutions. But the substance being often prioritized compared to the form, the latest redesign of our interface dates back to 2014. Ouch.

That's why we've been working over the past few months along some of our users on a graphic and ergonomic redesign of our interface. We revised and edited some of the key aspects, trying to show common sense and modernity, and taking a few steps back on the use, always keeping in mind our final goal: make you more efficient.

This redesign affects 6 main elements:
  • the login and logout pages;
  • the reorganization of the browsing menu;
  • the Pedigree page;
  • the icons;
  • the alerts and info emails;
  • the announcement of new features

The login and logout pages

The first update is related to the login and logout pages. More user-friendly and up-to-date, this page will also enable us to inform you about events, webinars, key info etc.

Note that customers who have a branded Dashboard will benefit from a generic and neutral image.


Reorganization of the browsing menu

First of all, you will note that the menu has moved from the top page to the left-hand side. We made this change for two reasons:
  • to grant you more space at the center of the interface to better visualize your work space and the data;
  • to ease navigation between the tree view and the menu by reducing the distance between the two of them.


The logic of the menu has also been revised and new categories are now available:
  • Views: gathers high-level views, no possible actions, available on a node or an agent (overview, background operations and statistics) 
  • Data: shows more specific views for some data, no possible actions;
  • Pedigree: direct link to the page that becomes available in one click;
  • Management: enables you to manage your team (users) and the accounts (account manage) (available for premium customers only) ;
  • Downloads: enables you to download the RG agent.
Additional modules – Backup and Security - now benefit from their own menu.
Quick access to support, knowledge base and new features requests have been added to the user account located under the logo at the top of the page.

From now on, you can reduce the menu and benefit from an enlarged work space. You just have to click on the "burger" icon at the top of the menu. Click again on that icon to enlarge the menu and enjoy a more visible view (set by default).

Lastly, you can easily make the tree view appear/disappear by clicking on the arrow located at the bottom of the menu.


The Pedigree Page

The Pedigree page has also been revised in terms of design and now offers a more clear and user-freindly view of the data presented.


The Icons

Icons visible in the tree view and in the Dashboard pages have also been updated to match better current trends, and the SVG format offers an HD display for a better visibility.


The alert and info emails

The design of our automatic emails has also been revised to offer a clearer and more confortable reading, in adequation with our corporate identity and style guide.
In a spirit of efficiency, the header consists from now one of the logo only. The footer uses the same logo and support phone number, and also displays clickable links to support (email), our blog and the knowledge base.

Note that the footer of customers who have a branded Dashboard will only display their logo, the link to their support and their phone number.


The announcements of new features

As you noticed after the latest feature deployment, we implemented a notification system to communicate directly on new features. From now on, this popup will appear after every feature deployment to let you know what's new!

So what are you waiting for? Go now on your Dashboard and test these new features! Our support team remains available to answer your questions by live chat or on the phone +33.411.934.200.


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