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RG Dev' of December & Overview of 2017

RG Dev' of December & Overview of 2017

Published on : 29/12/2017 29 December Dec 12 2017

Your monthly recap of the features developed by the RG Team !

2017 : RG's features in 4 seasons

2017 is ending with mild winter, at least in South of France :) and it's now time to recap the year of the developers by rediscovering their work in 4 seasons.


As you may have noticed, we have not offered you RG Dev' since September. BUT it was to give the time to our great Team of developers to focus on big milestones, some of them that have already been introduced, and others that you will discover during January :)

1 - RG Backup l VMware support for local environments

As the holiday season approaches, it's a little Christmas gift from us :) You now have the option to backup VMs via RG Backup by attaching your vCenter to a local Avamar backup environment. Backup Now are also available, as well as restoring an image or file, on the same VM and a new machine. Let's go on your Dashboard to discover this awesome feature !

Learn more about RG Backup.

2 - RG Supervision l Visibility thanks to our Status Page

As the editor of your IT monitoring solution, we continually offer you a view of the health status of your IT infrastructure(s). But what about our own service?

We have always been transparent about our business and our solution. Today we want to give you more visibility on the availability of our services. Discover our Status Page !

This interface gives you real-time 2 key pieces of information : Is there an ongogin incident that would explain that our service has lost in quality, and if so, which component is the reason ?

Status Page becomes the communication channel we will use now to communicate about an incident and its resolution. To stay informed, you can subscribe to updates by email (button "Subscribe to updates" at the top right of the page) or follow the dedicated Twitter account @RG_Status.

Please note that this page may be the subject of a White Label branding and thus allow you to communicate about the availability of our services to your own customers. Contact Arnaud for more information on this subject.

Learn more about RG Supervision. 

3 - RG Supervision l Support for Veeam Endpoint 2.0

The Backup plugin of your Dashboard is evolving and now allows support for the Veeam Endpoint 2.0 backup solution for MS Windows for server agents.

Learn more about RG Supervision. 

4 - RG Supervision l Export of users

You now have the option to export contacts attached to a node in the menu Configuration > Users.

En savoir plus sur RG Supervision.

5 - RG Supervision l Reduction of network consumption

We did a lot of work to optimize our agent, which allowed us to reduce its network consumption needs by up to 10 times, and thus limit its impact on your network. Not bad isn't it ? :)

Learn more about RG Supervision. 


  • The App Manager is available!
    • ability to download deployment packages for some applications - currently Notepad ++, 7-Zip, Flash ActiveX, Flash NPAPI, Google Chrome, Acrobat Reader, JAVA 7 and JAVA 8 - to apply them massively to supervised workstations;
    • ability to choose to keep these applications up to date;
    • an export feature for package deployment results is also available to simplify the monitoring of your deployments.
  • you can now attach a Data Domain on RG Backup's physical environment so that you can increase the storage capacity of this backup environment.
  • You can now activate a new alert on RG Backup jobs : backup overflow. This alert allows you to be informed of the exceeding of a defined threshold of GO backup sources in order to limit the size of the backups of your machines.
  • From now on you can activate a new type of alert on your RG Backup jobs : Backup Oversized. This alert lets you know if your backup job exceeds the specific threshold you set in terms of GB for instance, so that you can make sure to limit your machines backup sizes.
  • RG's ReactEngine is already evolving to offer you the possibility to trigger an automatic curative action if specific Windows events are detected real time.
  • Resellers can manage their customers' RG Backup and RG Security policies from their own Dashboard. They don't have to ask RG admins to do this anymore; time saving and seemless management, that's what we are offering our users !
  • Henceforth a progress bar is visible on your Dashboard to inform you of the ongoing restore status. You can also send an email to chosen recipients once the restore process is over. Therefore, you communicate more efficiently with your customers !
  • Resellers can now declare new backup environments on their account so that their customers can directly attach their agents to that specific environment. Therefore, end users can backup their data directly into their reseller environment, and not RG's.
  • When restoring files through the BMR process, users can exclude files and folders to manage their storage more precisely.
  • When you invite a new user on your account, you can now select the appropriate language of the email sent !


  • RG Backup now includes Bare Metal Recovery for the cloud backup of your data.
  • Dashboard update and UI improvements thanks to Symfony and Bootstrap 3 technologies.

  • Following the support of Veeam Backup & Replication Backup software, chained jobs are now monitored.

  • A new Automation feature based on the ReactEngine technology developed by the RG Team is now available and allows you to set up curative actions following the detection of one or more events.

  • L'Mac OS agent is now available

  • Until now, RG Backup allowed you to perform data restoration on the same machine only. You can now restore on a different machine that you identify on the RG Backup interface when you select the restore destination.

  • You can now export in several formats - .xls, .json, .csv etc. - the data related to your backup environments. Note that the export is more exhaustive than the table available on your Dashboard and that it is possible to select a start date and an end date in order to allow allow you to be more specific on your export.

  • The Trial mechanism becomes available to distributors.


  • Exporting software inventory for monitoring now lets you take advantage of the list of software installed under a node.
  • Support for Linux on RG Backup is now possible. You can backup and restore environments on Linux in addition to Windows. This also applies to disks backup.
  • You can now modulate the bandwidth to avoid the saturation of the network when a backup is in progress.
  • RG Backup now allows you to manually start a backup from the Dashboard.
  • You can now receive real time alerts on your agents disconnection.
  • From the Dashboard, you can send a message to an agent or a group of agents attached to a node.
  • RG Backup now allows you to link an existing Dell EMC Avamar environment to your RG Dashboard as a backup environment so that you can manage it from your Dashboard.
  • When you restore data on an agent, you can now choose between multiple replacement strategies based on your needs.
  • The destination of data backed up in a backup environment can now be chosen on RG Backup.
  • The list of services can now be arranged in alphabetical order.
  • From now on, RG Backup embeds a Bare Metal Recovery feature for cloud data backup. As a reminder, the Bare Metal Recovery feature fully backs up a machine as it is so that you can perform a full restore in case of data loss, which enables you to gain a tremendous amount of time when it comes to your Disaster Recovery plan.

And the best is yet to come!
Our developers work tirelessly on technical improvements so that your RG System experience is as pleasant as possible.

See you soon for new features, fresh out of RG Dev' Lab!

Happy Holidays :)

Check out the full version of this RG Dev' issue!


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