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RG Dev' March 2018

RG Dev' March 2018

Published on : 13/03/2018 13 mars Mars 2018
Your monthly recap of the features developed by the RG Team!

Release Note from March

Remote access, Hyper-V and backup consumption, let's get your fill of new features!

1 - Take control with the Native Remote Control

In addition to LogMeIn Pro remote access, we offer from now on our own remote control feature that is embedded in the RG agent! It enables screen sharing and remote access features natively embedded in your OS, directly from the RG platform, features that are even accessible outside the local network!

Learn more about RMM features.

2 - Microsoft Hyper-V

After enabling you to backup VMware virtual machines via your vCenter, we now enable you to backup Hyper-V virtual machines from your RG interface! No setup is needed, VMs will be detected automatically!

Learn more about backup features.

3 - Backup consumption overview

In order to grant you more insight on your backup environments consumption, the menu Data > Backup shows the ongoing and last months consumption via a dynamic chart. You can enjoy an aggregated view of all backup environments, or a view of a particular environment, on a node or the agents.

Learn more about backup features.

4 - Consumption export

Distributors can export in one clic the global consumption of all the products of their customers, and also benefit from the consumption history of past months.

5 - Activity reports improvement

You can now add last month consumption export to an activity report. The file will be attached to the report email you receive, as it is already the case with tickets and node pedigree exports for instance.

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6 - Bugs & Fixes

In agility, fixing bugs is a PRIORITY! So we decided to dedicate a special section to their resolution, because unfortunately there is no software without bugs, and that solving them is part of the quality process of your Dashboard :)
  • there are no more duplicated data in the node consumption export;
  • Microsoft Windows product keys released after Windows 8 are now accurately analyzed.


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