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RG Dev' June 2018

RG Dev' June 2018

Published on : 29/06/2018 29 June Jun 06 2018

Your monthly recap of the features developed by the RG Team!

Release note from June!

Backup, reports and automation, here is what we offer to celebrate the beginning of summer!

1 - Backups Replication

We now offer the possibility to easily replicate backups from a node or an agent to another Avamar backup environment. You can select which policy you want to replicate, as well as the backup environment where the backups will be sent. That way, if one of your backup environments crashes, you will be able to access your data on the second environment thanks to the backup environment switch feature!

Learn more about Data Backup & Restore features.

2 - Backup environments switch

You are now able to test your DRP and implement it if an incident threatens your data! In order to maximize the RTO (Recovery Time Objective) of your DRP, RG enables you to switch in one click from a backup environment to another, either from the environment, or directly from an agent or a node. That way, you will be able to carry out this operation regularly to test your DRP!

Learn more about Data Backup & Restore features.

3 - Microsoft SQL Server Backup

You can now backup Microsoft SQL Server databases when you set your backup policy for a Windows agent. You can either backup the whole instance, or select specific databases. When restoring, you can erase the existing basis, or restore a Microsoft SQL database on the machine of your choice.
Feature not available in the cloud for now.

Learn more about Data Backup & Restore features.

4 - Backup policy selection

The backup policy selection view has been revised to best meet your use. The help button gives you more information and help you better understand prerequisites and limits of each backup type. A green badge is displayed if the backup type is available on your node or agent.

Learn more about Data Backup & Restore features.

5 - Product consumption export per client

From now on, the account managers can export the total consumption of every RG modules and customer accounts per month, from the Account Manage page on the root node. A link to download this export will be emailed to you. This email will also show the Top 20 accounts that varied the most in terms of product consumption, compared to the last month. Every month, you will also receive an automatic email with a copy of this export.

6 - Backups configuration report

A new type of report allows you to export and send to your customers the summary of the backup policies that apply to a specific agent or an entire node. Therefore, you are able to formalize effectively the backup actions you are performing on your customers agents. The export is available on a node on the RG Backup page and on the Report page.

Learn more about Data Backup & Restore features.

7 - User tickets customization

User tickets allow end users to communicate with their IT department, especially on the issues faced. You can now customize the fields end users have to fill in in order for you to be more efficient on their problems resolution.

Learn more about RMM features.

8 - Automation - Evolution

The Automation feature evolves and enables you from now on to launch a corrective action when any type of ticket is created, and not only a specific ticket type as it was the case before.

Learn more about RMM features.

9 - Hyper-V restore

You can now restore Hyper-V VMs as a file on the machine you want, in addition to the possibility to overwrite the restore on the original machine.

Learn more about Data Backup & Restore features.

10 - Advanced filters and dynamic backup policy VMWare vCenter

In addition to the basic filtering feature, an advanced filtering option is now available on vCenter backup policies. You can also create rules to add specific VMs to a backup policy according to their features (name, IP, host ESX, etc.). An expression language has been added to implement complex scenarios; an help button is available to assist you if need be.

Learn more about Data Backup & Restore features.

11 - Filters displayed on tickets

For more visibility, a tag lets you know if a filter - custom or not - is currently active in your tickets view.

Learn more about RMM features.

12 - Windows build number

The Windows build number of your machines is now displayed in their Pedigree.

Learn more about RMM features.

13 - News on your Dashboard

The News button is now a direct access to the RG Blog where you'll find RG Dev', but also corporate news, articles, customers success stories and so on. Enjoy!

Read the RG Blog.

14 - Bugs & Fixes

In agility, fixing bugs is a PRIORITY! So we decided to dedicate a special section to their resolution, because unfortunately there is no software without bugs, and that solving them is part of the quality process of your Dashboard :)
  • LogMeIn can now be installed on Windows 10 Release 1803 machines;
  • on a node Pedigree page, install date format now reflects the Dashboard language, and not systematically the American format month/day/year;
  • there are no more duplication on the consumption export made from a node;
  • Windows product keys for versions launched after Windows 8 are now accurately collected;
  • Endpoint Security module filters are now functional;
  • finally, the overview page benefits from the same design on a node and on an agent.

Status Page

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Check out the whole Release Note from June!


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