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Release Note - 04/17/2019

Release Note - 04/17/2019

Published on : 17/04/2019 17 avril Avril 2019

New features are coming!

1 - Automation - Scheduled Actions

Following our customers feedbacks on the use of the feature, we have decided to rework the Automation to focus on scheduled actions!

New elements have been added as well:
  • events: you can choose a specific custom script to launch an alert;
  • Wake On Lan: you can wake up your devices thanks to an agent that will pass the WOL information;
  • Windows Updates: Windows updates can be launched via the automation feature. Combined to the Wake On Lan, you can imagine more complex automation scenarios! 
  • Maintenance: the maintenance action on an agent or a whole node can now be done from the automation interface.

Check out our tutorial to learn more about this feature!

2 - Backup - Activity

The page Activity of a backup environment has been reworked to let you filter and sort columns and fields, and display one line per agent.


3 - Backup - Job Logs 

From now on you can check the status of backup jobs logs directly on your RG interface!


4 - Backup - New statistics page

A Statistics page has been added on backup environments so that you can better visualize its performance on your IT infrastructure. 5 types of charts are now available:
  • first backup size;
  • first backup average duration;
  • average size of additional backups;
  • average backup time of additional backups;
  • consumned bandwidth.


5 - Backup - Retention improvement

The retention feature has been improved and now offers the possibility to always keep at least one backup for each policy. This prevents you from deleting major backups if the retention period is outdated.


6 - Kaspersky Small Office Security monitoring

The Antivirus plugin has been enhanced and enables from now on the monitoring of Kaspersky Small Office Security.

7 - Bugs & Fixes

In agility, fixing bugs is a PRIORITY! So we decided to dedicate a special section to their resolution, because unfortunately there is no software without bugs, and that solving them is part of the quality process of your Dashboard :)
  • BMR exclusions have been added to a policy PDF export;
  • icons in the treeview are loading normally.

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