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Monitor to become proactive

Monitor to become proactive

Published on : 05/06/2020 05 June Jun 06 2020

Prevent issues and alert its customers, those are ISAGRI stakes.

Based in Tillé since 1983, ISAGRI Group, that currently employs more than 1000 people, is one of the leaders of Farming software development on the European market. From specific farming activities to commercial management and accounting, ISAGRI offers a complete suite of software solutions designed to ease the daily activity of farmers, winemakers, market gardeners and bakers.

The group, via its branch ISAGRI Technology, also offers complementary services such as hardware sale/rent, hosting and maintenance.

Gregory LESOT, Hardware Support Team Leader, explains at what stakes answers the solution RG System.


How did you hear about RG System?

"We met the RG Team at IT Partners tradeshow in Paris, and later on they offered to visit us in our office to demo the solution. First of all, we have decided to test the solution on a couple of agents, and those tests being conclusive, we started deploying massively the agent on January 2020."

In which situation do you use RG System?

"We monitor the servers we rent the farmers thanks to the RG agent. This enables us to keep an eye on the servers health status, but also to be alerted on the backup jobs and antivirus status, two of the main concerns for our customers."

What is the main issue solved by RG System?

"The need to be proactive! Before using an IT monitoring solution, we were only trying to fix the issue, while now we can prevent it and notify the customer way before the incident actually occurs. Therefore we can advise them in a more efficient way, and they feel more confident."

Which features are the most useful?

"The embedded alerting system. It enables us to receive email and SMS alerts if a backup job fails or if the antivirus isn't up to date, and we can then notify our customer.
And this is what we do via the Message feature that makes it super easy to send a notification to a machine directly from the RG interface. It's a simple and quick way to communicate, and a great addition to traditional communication channels. 
The interface is also nice, the graphics make it intuitive and easy-to-use.
The helpdesk expertise and reactivity is also great! When you are facing a problem, you just need to use the embedded chat and you always get an answer in a couple of seconds! Even if the answer to your problem isn't found right away, the operator enquires the issue and always comes back to you. For users like us, this is a real relief.
We don't use RG's remote access feature yet, but we are definitely going to consider it in the future!"

In your opinion, what would be the main benefit of our solution?

"Customization options are probably one of the main interest of the solution. The interface can be tailored and according to several rights levels, we control what our team on one hand, and our customers on the other hand, can see and do.
You can also create and deploy custom scripts. You just need to program a little, and you can chose exactly what you want to monitor depending on the particularities of your customers.
You can also influence the roadmap and ask RG to develop a feature you need. At the beginning of our relationship with RG, the version of our antivirus wasn't monitored yet, and this was an absolute prerequisite. So we told the team, they made it a priority and it had been developed pretty quickly."

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