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An effective alternative to assure the continuity of your IT services

An effective alternative to assure the continuity of your IT services

Auteur : Grégory CLADERA
Published on : 01/02/2019 01 février Fév. 2019
Alexandre Loubignac, Managing Director at Groupe Delta – client of ours – and I had the pleasure to be Forbe’s guests for their web series Leader’s Talk (in French). Throughout the interview, I explain the importance of monitoring via the cloud and SaaS model, which can nowadays be considered as the 3rd  path to explore for every company willing to be more agile and less worried about the management of their IT.
Usually, the companies willing to assure the continuity of their IT services have two main options:
  • either they acquire software specialized in the monitoring of their infrastructure, which can turn out to be really expensive and require a high qualified expertise – representing an additional cost at the end -.
  • or they choose open-source IT solutions, which are, by nature, free of any charge. Yet, these solutions are extremely intricate, and can end up being really expensive during the full implementation, especially because of the hidden costs.
However, along with the cloud computing and dematerialized services, such as the SaaS (‘Software as a Service’) coming up, a third option is now available: the remote-control monitoring systems, for which RG System is now considered a leader on the French market, thanks to its all-in-one solution. From one unique console, you can monitor the health of your IT systems, no in-house experts required. We are in charge of constantly gauging the pulse of your IT, thus enabling you to switch from a curative to a way cheaper preventive approach.

It is also the opportunity for you to benefit from a cutting-edge IT security, auto-updated by us. It is hardly a luxury given that there are more and more attacks coming from malicious software, especially with the “cryptolockers” with ransomware purposes.

Finally, given the fact that zero risk does not exist, you can count on our backup module – using a powerful technology -, choose whether you install it on premise or in the cloud, to guarantee a continuity of services even if some major damage occurs (a fire for instance).

In brief, the cloud monitoring that we make available and improve every day with the help of our clients, has numerous benefits, in terms of both effectiveness and cost. Most importantly, our solutions are quick and easy to use and to deploy. “We used to work with several different software to cover all our needs in terms of IT monitoring. From now on, and thanks to RG System, we can work on one and unique monitoring interface. We also recently added the backup module, which enables us to use a strong data protection technology provided by Dell EMC, RG System’s preferred partner”,  Alexandre Loubignac said.

I also made the most of the opportunity to say we are very proud to have been promoted “Select Partner” at Dell EMC, which now enables us to sell our ‘Data Protection as a Service’ solution all across the world.

I encourage you to watch the show Leaders’ Talk (in French), it lasts no longer than seven minutes and can prove really useful in order to understand our very unique approach.
- Grégory Cladera, CEO & Founder of RG System


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