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A centric and easy-to-use RMM tool

A centric and easy-to-use RMM tool

Published on : 04/06/2020 04 June Jun 06 2020

Solveo Developpement has one goal: make its IT infrastructure management easy thanks to a centric and user-friendly interface.

Created in 2008 by Jean-Marc Mateos, Solveo Developpement Group is one of the top player on the French renewable energies market and employs 200 people.

It gathers Matéos Electricité, the historical company founded in 1992, that dedicates its energy management expertise to the Industry and Construction businesses, and the company Solvéo Energie that is an energy operator aimed at BtoB businesses and institutions that offers both photovoltaic and wind-powered activities.

Tristan SIX, the company CIO who has been a user for a year, tells us why he chose RG System to monitor its IT infrastructure.


How did you hear about RG System?

"I was looking for an IT monitoring tool and one of my business partner recommended RG. I tested the solution for free for a couple of days and realized it fitted perfectly my needs. I maintain a great business relationship with my Account Manager. Unlike other providers that I keep on chasing up, he is always available, responsive and even proactive. You can feel there are good vibes among the Team."


What managed services tools did you use before RG System?

"In my former company, we used Zabbix to monitor the network and PDQ Inventory plus GLPI to manage assets inventory. I also tested PRTG, but it didn't quiet match the overall monitoring need that we have now at Solveo Developpement."


What kind of issues does the solution solve?

"I used to need so many different tools to manage my infrastructure! Therefore I needed a centric and turnkey portal to gain time and efficiency, given the fact that we are currently 2 people dealing with servers and 120 workstations.
On a daily basis, I also need to be proactive and prevent issues. Thanks to RG System and the SMS alerts that I receive in real time, I'm always one step ahead!
Maximizing budget is also super important, and RG offers a great value for money deal.
Last but not least, like any other company, we have been affected by the Covid 19 sanitary crisis and I had to find a solution to enable my colleagues to work from home very quickly. Thanks to the easier remote access feature made available at the beginning of the lockdown, implementing remote work has been a quick, simple and efficient process. I'm proud that I have been able to help my boss and my company that way!"


Which features are the most useful?

"First of all, I like the IT monitoring feature that enables me to keep an eye on both the servers and the workstations. I'm also thinking of using RG to monitor my switches.
The embedded ticketing tool is also useful to keep track of emails and SMS alerts the team received.
I also like how I can monitor our antivirus from the same interface, and doing so making sure the IT infrastructure is secured.
I use RG to schedule Windows updates and remote access machines I need to intervene on. It's important to know if a workstation disk is full or deficient and therefore to fix the issue ASAP.
Finally, I'm also following closely the current development of new upcoming network features!"


In your opinion, what would be the main benefit of our solution?

"Its simplicity! For me, RG System is a simple, efficient and user-friendly toolbox that gathers everything a Systems Administrator with limited humain resources needs. It is so simple that I don't even need to ask the support for help!"."

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