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The quality of RG's support in 2018

The quality of RG's support in 2018

Published on : 21/01/2019 21 janvier Janv. 2019

The technical support by RG System

When you choose a software solution, you tend to think in terms of features and benefits, but not necessarily in terms of maintenance.

At RG, we strive to offer you value-added services and make a point of honour to offer you as many means of communication as possible adapted to your needs and habits.

That's why choosing RG System means opt for a top quality service, which provides and ensures assistance and technical support!

A look back at the RG support figures in 2018:
  • over 1600 chats managed by our team
  • an average answering time of 6 secondes
  • 1700 tickets closed tickets
  • responsiveness rated 4,9/5 
  • a level of technical knowledge assessed at 4,8/5
  • friendliness rated 4,87/5
  • and an overall satisfaction rating of 4,8/5.

Congratulation to the whole Support Team!


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