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RG Dev' October 2018

RG Dev' October 2018

Published on : 22/10/2018 22 octobre Oct. 2018
Your monthly recap of the features developed by the RG Team!

Release note from October!

1 - Backup optimal schedule

VMs optimal schedule is a unique feature developped by RG! It enables you to maximize the schedule of the backup jobs and doing so, to run as many VMware backups as possible in a given timeframe, while taking into account the constraints of the vCenter configuration.

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2 - Backup policy - Templates

From now on you have the possibility to create backup policy templates that will help you gain time while creating new policies!

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3 - Backup policy - Browse

When setting up a backup policy on an agent, you can now browse the machine files and folders via an explorer, in addition to the possibility to type in the path directly.

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4 - Command line actions

You can now send real time commands to an agent, directly from your Dashboard! Type in the command and click on Run. The results will be displayed gradually until the command ends or timeout.

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5 - Automation - Evolution

The Automation feature is evolving and enables you now to apply a corrective action to a whole node, even if the trigger only concerns a specific machine. Let's say you implemented a rule that consists in running a backup on a machine if the virus is detected. You can now choose to spread the corrective action to all the machines under the node and therefore limit the risks of infection.

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6 - ArcServe

The Backup plugin evolves and now supports Arcserve UDP version 6.5.

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7 - BackupExec

The Backup plugin evolves and now supports all BackupExec recent versions.

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8 - Advanced parameters on alerts

This new feature enables you to custom the trigger circumstances of an alert. For instance, thanks to this feature, you can limit the creation of the alert "inactive antivirus" to a specific antivirus. That way the alerts on other antivirus won't be triggered.

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9 - Outdated backup alert - Improvement

Let's say you apply an existing backup policy to a new machine on your IT infrastructure. In addition, you set up a daily alert that warns you if a backup doesn't run as expected. But what happen if the backup of your new machine never occurs? Before, you wouldn't have been alerted and you might have never been aware of the problem. But from now on, you will be alerted on backup jobs that might have never run, even retroactively!

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10 - Bugs & Fixes

In agility, fixing bugs is a PRIORITY! So we decided to dedicate a special section to their resolution, because unfortunately there is no software without bugs, and that solving them is part of the quality process of your Dashboard :)
  • the creation of a ticket for an outdated backup is now supported by the vCenter plugin;
  • all netactions are now displayed on the device pedigree;
  • Microsoft Office Suite 2007-2016 products keys are now analyzed as expected (except Standalone version).

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