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Release Note - 06/13/19

Release Note - 06/13/19

Published on : 13/06/2019 13 juin Juin 2019

New features are coming!


1 - Say hello to Zendesk!

We've been re-thinking our helpdesk process for the past few weeks and we came to the conclusion that to offer you a more qualitative and professional service, we had to start by embedding the best solution available on the market: Zendesk!
In addition to the knowledge base feature, you will benefit from now on from a great support ticket system that will enable you to create helpdesk tickets for our team and to follow their treatment.
The KB also benefits from an offline access through this link:


2 - Backup - News on the Activity Page

The new Activity page gets better and is now available on a node and an agent. New filters are also available and you can launch again a policy directly from the interface.


3 - Remote Control - Improvements

From now on, RG's native remote control includes a downloadable RDP file. The file name includes the name of the machine and its parent node. The file includes the last logged in user as additional parameter.

4 - Navigation - Shortcuts

Following on from the recent redesign and reorganization of the RG Dashboard, we implemented several shortcuts to make your navigation even more user friendly! Here is the exhaustive list: 
  • close the menu with WIN = Ctrl + left arrow 
  • close the menu with MAC = Alt + left arrow
  • open the menu with WIN = Ctrl + right arrow
  • open the menu with MAC = Alt + right arrow
  • close the treeview = Shift + left arrow
  • open the treeview = Shift + right arrow
  • close menu + treeview = Ctrl + Shift + left arrow
  • open menu + treeview = Ctrl + Shift + right arrow

5 - Pedigree Export - Improvements

The export pedigree on a node has been completed and benefits from now on from the OS build number.


6 - Bugs & Fixes

In agility, fixing bugs is a PRIORITY! So we decided to dedicate a special section to their resolution, because unfortunately there is no software without bugs, and that solving them is part of the quality process of your Dashboard :)
  • A user from the Client group can create manual tickets from the Tickets page

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