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4 good reasons to monitor your IT through the Cloud

4 good reasons to monitor your IT through the Cloud

Auteur : Grégory CLADERA
Published on : 21/02/2019 21 February Feb 02 2019

How to perfectly combine old and new? Managing one’s IT environment is not always an easy job when it comes to remaining at the cutting edge of digitalization, while insuring that the old operating systems, which have become more and more varied and complex throughout the years still keep on running. But have you thought about the benefits that can deliver the monitoring of infrastructure through the Cloud, especially via a full SaaS IT platform?
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For a large number of IT service providers – outsourcing companies, integrators or IT managers – the IT support can sometimes become a real pain in the neck when it comes to managing it for the clients. Indeed, nowadays, to operate an IT infrastructure can be tricky : it has to make innovation easy and at the same time make sure that the ‘old’ IT systems keep on running flawlessly, while assuring cost effectiveness. And it becomes even more challenging when on top of that, companies seem to lack human resources : it is hard to find extremely-qualified technical workforce.
At RG System, we are convinced that the key to solve these potential issues to monitor your IT systems thanks to the SaaS model. To put the monitoring of your IT in the hands of an all-in-one Cloud IT Management platform can significantly reduce the amount of your daily infrastructure management tasks. That way, you can have a better control of your IT and thus focus on your core business.
For us, opting for this kind of centralized and dematerialized monitoring model could benefit you in several ways, which each fully uses cloud computing’s budget control and agility potential.

1 - To be at the cutting edge

Choosing RG System as your IT monitoring specialist means that you will always be up to date with the brand new technologies and innovative features. Gone are the super-long systems development life cycles - that can sometimes last more than 8 months! When you set up our software “as a service”, you can be sure that the world – as well as your needs – have not changed meanwhile, as it can frequently occurs with conventional software projects. It also means that you will no longer need to use a numerous number of IT tools or worry about keeping the software up to date to manage your IT infrastructure. Indeed, our cloud-based software solution relies on one and only version, that we constantly keep on improving, thanks to the Agile method. Thus, you can be sure to fully enjoy our brand new features and releases, without any additional costs and thereby enhancing your agility. Last but not least, you can count on us to be a strong technology partner in order to secure your IT infrastructure against both internal and external cyberattacks. With RG System, you have the guarantee to use a powerful and automate monitoring, backup and endpoint security solution.

2 - A highly responsive support team

It is true that we can sometimes have some concerns about externalizing our data, and all the more when it is done remotely. These concerns should no longer exist. Indeed, RG System set up a highly reactive support system working via instant messages (chat), which gives you the technical help you need in 6 seconds on average. Thus, we help you anticipate potential problems and as a consequence, you can have more time to focus on your core business.

3 - The ability to work jointly with us

The success of projects mainly lies in the quality of the people who are behind. The participative model used by RG System, is a good way to join forces. As a client of ours, your voice counts more than ever; that’s why we give you a direct access to our research and development roadmap which, in the end, have a significant impact on our advancement. This approach enables us to involve every customer in the development of our solution, this also helps us figuring out your real needs beforehand and thus, maximize your return on investment as our client. In addition, if at any time you are no longer satisfied with our services, be sure that you’re not kept an hostage. Thanks to the SaaS model, you’re free to leave whenever.

4 - The access to an ecosystem of knowledge

By using our solution, not only do you benefit from the expertise of RG SYSTEM, but you also gain knowledge coming from our partners and clients, amongst which Dell EMC, the backup and storage leader. As a matter of fact, RG SYSTEM works closely with Dell EMC to make their cutting-edge technologies quickly and easily accessible to everyone. You will have the occasion to get involved in our ecosystem and to participate in the improvement of our solution, especially during our Users Club, a yearly event where we invite our clients, and during which we cover a broad spectrum of the different aspects of our solution. This event also enables us to tighten up the relationships with our clients. Admittedly, we are cloud specialists, but as distant and cold as the cloud could seem, we are not.

« Integrate & Take Control.» Learn in this document how the cloud represents a unique opportunity to see things clearly when it comes to the management of your IT infrastructure and why RG System is your trustworthy partner.
- Grégory CLADERA, CEO RG System


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